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If you're struggling with debt and looking for relief, it's time to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer. Lynch Law LLC in Naperville, IL can help you solve your debt problems by guiding you through the bankruptcy process. Our local bankruptcy attorney has a wealth of experience handling bankruptcies for clients throughout the region.

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3 problems that bankruptcy can solve

While filing for bankruptcy isn't the answer to all life's problems, it may alleviate a significant portion of them. The experienced bankruptcy lawyer at Lynch Law can help stop:

Harassment from creditors
Wage garnishments
Foreclosures and repossessions

If you feel like you're drowning in debt, turn to our local bankruptcy attorney for help. We'll do everything we can to ease your stress.


Find Debt Relief with Help from Lynch Law, LLC.

If you are struggling with debt and looking for relief, bankruptcy is a powerful tool designed to help you get a fresh start with your finances. Filing for bankruptcy can immediately end creditor harassment and other actions such as foreclosure, wage garnishment, and repossession.

At Lynch Law, LLC., our Naperville bankruptcy lawyers can help you solve your debt problems by guiding you through the bankruptcy process. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience handling bankruptcies for clients throughout the region.

Financial Warning Signs to Lookout For

Every year, hundreds of thousands of families in the U.S. struggle to make ends meet. Unfortunately, many people do not consider bankruptcy as a viable solution for debt relief. Bankruptcy is a helpful - and sometimes crucial - option for many people struggling with overwhelming debt.

You may want to reassess your financial situation and consider bankruptcy if:
  • You are unable to make routine minimum payments required for credit cards and loans. This is a sign that you are in severe financial distress; don't ignore this as it becomes a regular concern.
  • You have been spending much more than you earn regularly. This means that you have been accumulating debt each month. Each month the debt gains interest, making the debt more expensive as you add on to it.
  • You are over your limit or at the limit on your credit cards. To maintain a healthy financial situation, it is important to remain under 30% of the credit limit on your credit cards and loans. If you are teetering at the limit and unable to pay down the debt, this can lead to trouble.
  • You are unable to pay each bill every month. You might be in trouble if you skip bills for one to two months at a time and are facing regular notices for collection.
  • You are not making enough money. Are you making enough money to cover your expenses each month while contributing to a savings account or an emergency fund? If not, you may be on your way to financial distress and bankruptcy.
  • You receive countless phone calls from credit agencies seeking payment for bills. When creditors are calling, it can be detrimental to the credit report as collections are the worst thing that your credit report can face. If you are unable to afford these payments, then it may be time to consider bankruptcy.
  • You are afraid to speak to your partner about money issues or avoid the topics altogether. This can be a sign of financial disarray and should not be ignored.
  • You have no idea about all the accounts on your credit report. You are unsure about which debts are paid or even how much you owe to creditors.

You have thought about bankruptcy or were considering filing with a bankruptcy attorney. When you have had these thoughts, chances are that meeting with a bankruptcy attorney is the next logical step to, at the very least, find out about your options.

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Legal Guidance Tailored Specifically to Your Needs

You may have heard about large bankruptcy law firms where the clients never speak to the same attorney twice - if they ever speak to an attorney at all. Sometimes they are just offered phone consultations. At Lynch Law, LLC., that is not how we operate.

Our firm has a strong belief in the value of personal attention. Our team will take the time to learn about your situation. We will speak to you about your debt issues and listen to your concerns. When we offer you legal guidance about debt relief and how to stay out of debt, you can be assured it is tailored specifically to your needs.

Our attorneys can advise you on a broad range of bankruptcy law issues, including:

  • Bankruptcy don'ts - Before doing anything, make sure you do not do anything to jeopardize your bankruptcy.
  • Alternatives to bankruptcy - While bankruptcy is a good option for many, it is not for everyone. Find out your alternatives to filing bankruptcy.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy - Learn about Chapter 7 bankruptcy and what kind of debt it can help you with.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy - Find out why Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good option for people wanting to fight foreclosure and get on their feet again.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy - If you find your business in the red, it's important to take the necessary steps to resolve your debt issues.
  • Emergency filings - If you are in danger of losing your home or your car, an emergency bankruptcy filing may help you keep these possessions.
  • Multiple filings - You can file for bankruptcy more than once. Learn the rules about filing for bankruptcy more than once.
  • Bankruptcy and divorce - Often bankruptcy and divorce go hand in hand. Find out what you should do if you are divorcing and need to file bankruptcy.
  • Types of debt - Learn what types of debt can be discharged in bankruptcy.
  • Life after bankruptcy - Life goes on after bankruptcy. You can rebuild your credit and walk away with a fresh start.
  • Bankruptcy timeline - Learn how long bankruptcy takes and what to expect at every step along the way.

Benefits of Bankruptcy

If you are facing serious debt problems, bankruptcy may offer a powerful remedy.

Filing for bankruptcy can:

  • Wipe out credit card debt and other unsecured debts. Bankruptcy is very useful for wiping out credit card debt. Unless you have a special "secured" credit card, your credit card balance is an unsecured debt - that is, the creditor cannot repossess any items if you fail to pay the debt. This is precisely the kind of debt that bankruptcy is designed to eliminate. Besides credit card debt, you may have other unsecured debts that bankruptcy can also eliminate.
  • Stop creditor harassment and collection activities. Bankruptcy can stop creditor harassment - though if the "harassment" is simply phone calls and letters, there are simpler ways to stop it. If the harassment is more serious - for instance, if the creditor is about to repossess your car or foreclose your mortgage - bankruptcy can help.
  • Eliminate certain kinds of liens. A lien is a creditor's right to take some or all of your property and will survive bankruptcy unless you invoke certain procedures during your bankruptcy case.

What to Bring to Your Free Consultation with Lynch Law, LLC.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our Naperville bankruptcy lawyers. During this appointment, we can review your situation and determine if bankruptcy is the right path for you.

We encourage you to bring:

  • A completed initial interview questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability. The more information you can provide, the better we will be able to advise you and the more productive your consultation will be.
  • Evidence of your last six months' pay from all sources (including unemployment, disability, or Social Security pay)
  • 2015 tax returns
  • Any court documents or notices you have received that you feel may be pertinent to your situation


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