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No matter your needs, age, marital status or the size of your estate, Lynch Law LLC in Naperville, IL is here to help you plan for the future. Our highly experienced estate planning attorney assists a broad range of clients with simple and complex estate plans, as well as those wishing to transfer significant assets including real estate and closely held family businesses.

We're able to draft a last will and testament, set up power of attorney, put together an asset protection plan and do whatever else is needed to secure your and your family's future. Call today to consult with us for free.

Why is estate planning important?

Taking a proactive approach with estate planning services will make the future less stressful for both you and your family. An experienced estate planning attorney at Lynch Law in Naperville, IL would be happy to help you:

Protect your assets
Ensure your pets are taken care of after you pass on
Provide for the continuation of your business ventures

We understand that you may be dealing with a painful situation. We promise to act with compassion and do everything we can to ease the stress on you. Reach out today to learn more about our comprehensive estate planning services.


Protect Your Assets Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Customized estate planning is one of the few legal opportunities in our culture that has no downside.

Some of the many advantages of preparing an estate plan include:

  • Proactive solutions for any financial contingency impacting the planner's survivors
  • Speedy transfer of assets and property to beneficiaries
  • The ability to spare family members the inconvenience of often time-consuming, stressful, expensive probate proceedings.

Conversely, without an estate plan in place, you could lose control over who inherits assets you worked hard to accumulate. Instead, courts will make those decisions for you. Worst of all, your loved ones may be vulnerable to numerous liabilities and legal disputes.

At Lynch Law, LLC., our Naperville estate planning lawyers work closely, directly, and personally with clients to craft legal strategies that suit their unique needs. Our decades of experience include a track record of success felt by individuals, couples, and families throughout Illinois.

A Family Approach to Estate Planning Strategies

Whatever your needs, age, marital status, or the size of your estate, our estate planning lawyers in Naperville assist a broad range of clients with simple and complex estate plans, as well as those wishing to transfer significant assets such as closely held family businesses and real estate.

These legal and financial goals are promoted by useful estate planning tools such as:

  • A last will and testament stating your position on any number of final concerns, including asset disbursements and child guardianships
  • A living will that anticipates medical care needs in the case of a health emergency
  • A trust that contains any of your family's assets for purposes of property transfers, inheritance, and tax benefits
  • A power of attorney - "durable" or "springing" - that designates a decision-maker for assets and property matters in the event of incapacitation
  • A health care power of attorney for medical decision-making after a serious injury or during an illness
  • An asset protection plan governing how your property will be handled according to your explicit wishes
  • A digital asset plan for the preservation and transfer of virtual assets
  • Guardianships and conservatorships to provide for minor children or incapacitated adults

Estate planning is generally the act of eliminating uncertainty from your relatives' and friends' futures while allowing you to maintain control over your own affairs. Ultimately, you ensure that your wealth goes where you want it to go and that you continue to exert control over financial and medical decisions.

Choose Lynch Law, LLC.

Whether you are a retiree seeking to preserve your legacy, a business owner interested in transferring your company's ownership to a new generation, or a part of a young family with small children undertaking estate planning for the first time - you are on the right track. You are wise to prepare for the future to ensure a brighter tomorrow for your loved ones.

Our Naperville estate planning attorneys are prepared to negotiate and advocate for your best interests. We tailor your estate documentation in a way that reflects your exact situation. When your work with our firm has concluded, you will know that relatives and friends mentioned in your plan can look forward to peace of mind and the assurance that probate's costly inconveniences will play no role in their futures.


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