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Fighting to Protect Your Family Home

Are you facing home foreclosure? There are few events more troubling than losing the family home, but there are legal strategies that can help you keep your home, or at least keep you in it while you explore other options.

At Lynch Law LLC, we have extensive experience helping clients avoid home foreclosures in DuPage County and throughout the surrounding Illinois communities. Our father-daughter team understands the importance of the family home and will apply their skill and experience to help you stay in yours.

Our Services

Our foreclosure defense lawyers in Naperville, IL are knowledgeable in bankruptcy law, foreclosure law, and real estate law, three practice areas that often intersect. Because of our wide-ranging knowledge, we can provide you with "big-picture" guidance that protects your rights today and far into the future.

We can represent you in a broad range of legal issues related to home foreclosure, including:

Foreclosure Defense Strategies

With decades of combined experience and a passion for helping those in need, our team helps clients stay in their homes by applying a variety of legal strategies.

There are many foreclosure defense tools we can use on your behalf, including:

  • Mortgage negotiation
  • Loan forbearance
  • Short sale
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Consent foreclosure
  • Strategic foreclosure
  • The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)
  • Bankruptcy

It is helpful to be proactive and begin planning mortgage defense strategies as early as possible. You don't have to wait until a foreclosure notice arrives to start protecting your home. The sooner our foreclosure lawyers in Naperville start working for you, the better chance you have of achieving a favorable outcome.

What to Do When You Cannot Afford Your Home

You worked hard for your home. You kept on top of your mortgage, paid your taxes, and hired professionals to keep it up to code. But when life throws you a curveball - like crippling medical bills or a sudden layoff - you could lose your home in what feels like an instant.

In cases where it is clear that you can no longer afford to keep your home, we may recommend:

No matter which route you decide to take, you will have to produce documentation and you may need to start scheduling appointments with creditors and lenders.

We are distinctly qualified to help you take the next step forward in your plan by:
  • Making calls. Any option will involve a call to the bank. We can reach out to the financial institution that holds your accounts to access your financial records and history. This information may help us build a case for lowering your debt.
  • Negotiating debts. Bankruptcy allows you to eliminate some of your debts, but not all of them. We will negotiate with your creditors to try to lower or refinance the debts that won't be eliminated with bankruptcy.
  • Documenting everything. There is an enormous amount of paperwork that goes along with this situation. We document everything that happens from the moment you hire us to ensure accuracy.

Discuss your case with us during a free consultation. Call (630) 960-4700 to schedule yours.

Consult with Lynch Law, LLC.

Your case is unlike any other. For some clients, the goal is staying in their homes. Others wish to walk away from their homes on favorable terms. Others may wish to explore the possibility of selling their homes, refinancing, or stripping a second mortgage through bankruptcy. Whatever your circumstances, we will devise a legal strategy that suits your unique needs and goals.


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